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I had a wonderful experience there also. Wouldn't go anywhere else agian! I tell everyone I know how wonderful APT is!

-Monica R.

I have been a patient twice and the staff is amazing! they are very personable and they know what you need to get yourself back in shape. If I break anothe bone or other orthopedic needs I will only go to Alton Physical Therapy!

-Debbie W.

Alton Physical Therapy is amazing! Everyone is so nice and very accommodating to fit my scheduling needs. They've made me feel at home and so relaxed that it's hard to want to leave. Keep up the good work!

-Amanda H.

I have been a patient on two separate occasions and had a wonderful experience both times. First let me say that it was for 2 different issues. I have never been anywhere that made me feel more welcome or relaxed and have never had such wonderful personalized treatment from anyone as I received from the staff at APT. I would never go anywhere else and recommend them to everyone that is looking for a physical therapist. Keep up the good work. Everyone of you are absolutely amazing.

-Betsey B.

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 I went to Alton Physical Therapy following rotator cuff surgery, expecting great results from excellent therapists. I got that and so much more! This incredible place restored me emotionally as well. The upbeat environment is welcoming and everyone who works there is friendly and helpful. The therapists truly listen to your concerns and goals, encourage every step of the way, and celebrate your progress. this is a remarkable team of people who love making a difference in your life! 

Jane B.