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Alton Physical Therapy is a privately owned free standing company that was founded by Bill Nash, P.T. in 1982. We have provided Physical Therapy in the Alton area since that time. The current owner is Steve Schwegel, P.T. Steve has worked for Alton Physical Therapy for over 24 years and has owned the clinic since 2010. Alton Physical Therapy currently has 43 employees and 4 different locations covering the north and north east metro St. Louis area in Illinois. The main clinic is at 1719 Clawson Street in Alton, IL. The Clinic Director of the Alton facility is Brad Webb, P.T. There is a true aquatic program located at this facility. The pool has an underwater treadmill and is maintained at a temperature of 93 degrees. The second clinic is in Jerseyville, IL at the Wellness Center, which is part of Jersey Community Hospital. The Clinic Director is Deb Whitman, P.T. There is also a heated therapeutic pool at this facility, in addition, the patients have the opportunity to use the equipment in the Wellness Center. Jerseyville is located 15 miles north of Alton. Surrounding communities include Brighton, Calhoun, and Carrollton. The third facility is located in Staunton, IL. This facility is part of Community Memorial Hospital and the Clinic Director is Mike Coalson, M.P.T. Surrounding communities include Bunker Hill, Gillespie, Mount Olive, Benld, and Litchfield. The fourth and newest facility is located in Litchfield, IL. This facility is part of HSHS St. Francis Hospital and the Clinic Director is Blake McAfee, D.P.T.

All of the facilities present with a highly dynamic and experienced staff. This includes specialization in Aquatics, Graston Techniques of mobilization, vestibular pathologies, woman's health and post surgical protocols. The clinic hours at all three facilities are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.

We emphasize personalized one on one treatment protocols with only licensed Physical Therapist and licensed Physical Therapy Assistants. New patients can schedule their first visit within 1-2 days of receiving their Physical Therapy order, sometimes even the same day.