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What happens during my first visit?

During your first visit you can expect the following:

Arrive at your appointment with your paperwork completed (you can download it from our website - see the paperwork forms link). 
You will provide us with your prescription for physical therapy. 
We will copy your insurance card and a valid photo ID. 
You will be seen for the initial evaluation by the therapist. 
The therapist will discuss the following:

1. Your medical history. 
2. Your current problems/complaints. 
3. Pain intensity, what aggravates and eases the problem. 
4. How this is impacting your daily activities or your functional limitations. 
5. Your goals with physical therapy. 
6. Medications, tests, and procedures related to your health.

What do I need to bring with me?

Make sure you bring your physical therapy referral (provided to you by your doctor) and your payment information. If your insurance is covering the cost of physical therapy, bring your insurance card. If you are covered by Workers' Compensation, bring your claim number and your case manager's contact information. Please bring a valid photo ID and be prepared to pay any copay/coinsurance due. 

How should I dress?

You should wear loose fitting clothing so you can expose the area that we will be evaluating and treating. For example, if you have a knee problem, it is best to wear shorts. For a shoulder problem, a tank top is a good choice, and for low back problems, wear a loose fitting shirt and pants, again so we can perform a thorough examination.

How long will each treatment last?

Your initial evaluation treatment session typically lasts about 1 ½ hours. Every visit after that typically lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.

Can I go to any physical therapy clinic?

In most cases, you have the right to choose any physical therapy clinic. Our practice is a provider for many different insurance plans.

Is my therapist licensed?

Physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) are licensed by their respective states.